Association Hands of Peace

The association “Les Mains de la Paix “, created in 2008, is recognized as being of general interest and has several missions:

  • being a permanent at the service of the Hands of Peace;
  • publicize the project and promote current and future exhibitions;
  • regularly raise funds to finance new portraits and organize exhibitions.

It has the following members:

  • Vincent Filhol, president
  • Edith Dujardin, treasurer

The association holds an annual General Assembly and its accounts are certified.

Make a donation

Our association, recognized as being of general interest, lives only on donations. It is thanks to its various donors that we have been able to finance the photographs we have taken over the years (as an indication, the cost of a portrait is 300 euros: silver film, development, contact sheets, photo prints, high definition digitization, copyright)…

…So much work accomplished! But we still have other photography projects, and we need you!

We count on your generosity: each donation offers a tax deduction of 66%. For example, for a donation of 100 euros, it only costs you 33 euros.

You will find below the form to send to Association Les Mains de la Paix, C/O Benoit Rouxel, 111 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

We thank you very much in advance for your help.

Vincent Filhol, president of the association

Black and white photography of Bibi Russel
Bibi Russel (Bangladesh)
Bibi Productions promotes Bangladesh craftsmen worldwide
UNESCO Artist for Peace